Geany saves each time the program is Run.

1. Basics

  1. This is what a basic python script looks like.

  2. Python has many unique characteristics including algebra.

  3. Python uses all the familiar Maths operations.

  4. In other languages such as Canvas scripts are indented for neatness.
    Python indentation is much more powerful.

  5. Text files can be created and information stored.

  1. Arrays are useful when using loops.

  2. Python uses function calls like other programming languages.
    Values, called arguments, can be passed to functions.

  3. Simple ASCII Art.

  4. The roots of a parabola are calculated.
    Where the value of y is 0.

  5. Two functions are called to calculate and display factorials.

Library Files

Some library files come with Python and others have to be installed.

If library file is missing an error message is shown.

2. Graphs

  1. Use MathPlot Library.

  2. Add Numpy Library.

  3. Draw a Parabola based on Coefficients.

3. Shapes

  1. Draw Red Square

  2. Draw a Polygon


    Draw a 5 Pointed Star.

4. Charts

  1. Copy Histogram Code into Geany

  2. Copy Pie Chart Code into Editor

  3. Use different labeling.

  4. Input data.

5. Movement

  1. Copy into Geany and Run

  2. Turning Circle

  3. Make Crab Walk using Arrow Keys